Moscow regional research institute

under the name of M.F. Vladimirskii

Cardiology department

Filipp PALEEV, interventional cardiologist, PhD, MD

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    Cases to discuss
NEW Case 8 Q wave AMI with aneurism in 23 years old male
  Case 7 Subintimal sublesion wire pass in non STE ACS in Cx artery
  Case 6 Proximal LAD instent restenosis after BMS implantation and instent restenosis after implantation of DES in the same site.
  Case 5 Recanalisation of CTO of RCA with moderate to severe LAD and AI disease.
  Case 4 Patient with non STE ACS. While waiting for CABG performed STEMI in anterior wall. Primary PCI were huge thrombus in site of lesion in middle LAD spread to proximal non diseased part was recognized.
  Case 3 Pathological reaction on contrast injection into coronary arteries
  Case 2 Young man with stable angina class III and local LAD stenosis, which was stented BMS. After 7 month de-novo lesion in aneurysmaticaly diseased proximal RCA that was stented with big diameter BMS.
  Case 1 Lady with non ST elevated ACS where after LAD wiring balloon couldn't pass through plague and ventricular fibrillation occurred.
    Interesting and unusual cases
Updated Case 6 Anomaly of LCA, LM goes from ostial of RCA with severe CAD and recanalization of RCA and LM stenting
  Case 5 Distal LM stenosis with big aneurysm of proximal LAD
  Case 4 Patient 3 years from CABG (LIMA to LAD, vein graft to RCA) with occluded LM, RCA and vein graft. All coronary arteries are supplied from LIMA and collaterals from LAD to Cx and RCA.
  Case 3 Ventriculography with ring sign in patient with mitral prolaps.
  Case 2 Anomaly of RCA that shunted into RA and RV with big vessel laying on tricuspidal valve leaf.
  Case 1 Anomaly of LCA that doesn't have LM and supplied through RCA and big collateral to the middle of LAD